Our Children

Love, security, safety & learning Everything your baby needs.

You're looking for a safe, cozy "home away from home" for your baby. We've created a nurturing, creative world especially for babies.

We'll put your mind at ease. We understand about separation anxiety - yours and your child's. Our team will stay in close touch with you to help make the transition as easy as possible.

The Babies are taken on daily walks, weather permitting, in the our buggies.

Our baby program is as individual as your baby.

Your baby is one of a kind. We don't expect your child to fit into a rigid schedule. Instead, we'll follow your baby's individual rhythms for feeding, sleeping and playful interaction, to mirror your patterns at home. Your baby is also ready to learn, so we have a specific Plan for Learning for your child, including daily activities, materials and baby milestones.

Baby Foundations -

  • Flexible, personal daily schedules for each baby.
  • Age-appropriate toys, games and music.
  • Nurturing, personal care.
  • Stimulating activities and group interactions.
  • Independent play and exploration.
  • Encouragement to learn, grow and discover at the child's own pace.
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