Our Children

Communicating with parents is a big part of our partnership.

We understand you really want to know what your child is learning. Our team makes it easy. We have a communication system specially designed to keep you involved in your child's development and progress:

  • "My Day" reports -
    We keep a detailed record of your infant's personal daily schedule and activities, to provide continuity between home and us.
  • Monthly Overviews and Parent Letters -
    Each month we post overviews and send you information about the upcoming month's theme and activities.
  • Welcome to Learning for Parents -
    We share information letters with you on infant development issues, such as pacifiers, sleep patterns, separation anxiety, nutrition, stimulation and cuddling. If you're wondering about anything, just ask!
  • Progress Notes and Assessments -
    You'll receive periodic progress reports from your child's teacher, based on in-class observation.
  • Scheduled parent conferences -
    We'll sit down one-on-one to review your child's development and individual needs.

Parent bulletin boards, open houses and forums make it easy for you to participate in the overall Center community.

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